Recent Acquisitions

On June 1, 2018, we acquired the 派恩布拉夫 Arkansas paper mill from Mondi Group. Additionally, we added four paper mills assets from the Burrows Paper Corporation on December 14, 2016 (three mills in New York and one in Mississippi). Both transactions support our strategic evolution to grow in value-added packaging and 技术 specialty papers.

The capability and output of all of the operations are marketed under the Twin Rivers name, with a shared vision of advancing of leading the specialty paper market through customer focus and innovation.

Complimentary Market Focus with 增强 Capability

The 派恩布拉夫 mill specializes in unbleached, Kraft paper (40- 78 lb.) used in a variety of bag and sack applications. Aside from expanding our packaging product offering in attractive and growing markets, we share an overlapping customer base that allows us to provide service and logistic benefits.

The newly acquired manufacturing and 技术 capability in New York and Mississippi greatly enhance our capability to make highly specialized 技术 papers for niche applications. We add Machine Glazed (MG) papers along with wet creping technology to our portfolio of lightweight specialty papers. The combination of new, tissue-based applications, an expanded basis weight range (7.5 lb. 到73磅.), broader product offering and scalable operating platform add value and differentiation as a supplier.

Culture of Innovation

Embedded in the culture is deep 技术 knowledge and focus on innovation that will continue to adapt to changing market needs. The cross-pollination of the two organization’s manufacturing and development resources will result in a robust development queue supported by a strong service platform.

Take a look at our newly acquired operations and the corresponding product offering and markets served.

造纸厂 关键市场 主要拉菲2平台
派恩布拉夫 工业
TR Bag Kraft
TR Bag Kraft Wet Strength
TR Porous Multiwall
TR 转换
Mohawk Valley
工业 Papers
医疗 Papers
礼物 & Decorative Tissue
Battery Tissue
One-Time Carbonizing
Pattern Tissue
咖啡 & 茶过滤器
熟食店 & Bakery Papers
食品包装 & 衬垫
医疗 包装

About Burrows Paper Corporation
Founded in 1919, Burrows entered the paper market with a single paper mill purchased by its founder, Andrew Burrows in Little Falls, NY. Over the years, additional paper mills were acquired in Lyons Falls, New York and 皮肯斯, Mississippi as well as a second mill in Little Falls. The operations become known for producing highly differentiated products engineered for targeted end-use applications.

In 1986, Burrows expanded to include lightweight specialty packaging with three U.S. based plants (Ohio, Iowa, and Nevada) and two international locations (Netherlands and China). The packaging operations and Burrows Paper Company name were sold in a separate transaction on December 14, 2016.