Plaster Rock Lumber mill

Plaster Rock is a softwood lumber mill in New Brunswick that produces dimension lumber and studs for residential and commercial construction applications. Additionally, by-product softwood chips and biomass are utilized internally at our pulp and cogeneration operations in Edmundston, providing a secure source of SFI® certified wood fiber.

Location:  Plaster Rock, New Brunswick


  • Ideally located to service the Northeast housing market
  • Operations are certified to SFI® fiber sourcing standards in addition to SFI and PEFC™ chain of custody, ensuring the wood is originates from well-managed forests
  • Recently completed a $17.6 million dollar modernization, including a gasification biomass boiler, two new dry kilns, and saw line optimization improvements



Type of Operation

Dimension Mill

Capacity of (MMfbm)


Number of Employees

200 (approx.)

Key Offerings

Random Length SPF-KD

Primary Markets

Housing Construction and Renovation

Lumber Size Capability

Width:     1″ x 3″ through 2″ x 10″
Length:   6′ — 16′


PEFC chain of custody certification
SFI fiber sourcing label certification
SFI chain of custody certification
Heat treating (HT) certification
Wood procurement